Application of electronic shelf labels in unmanned retail stores

Time:2020.02.13     Author:sertag

In just two years, unmanned retail has attracted e-commerce giants such as Alibaba,, Suning Tesco, etc. to enter the market. Capital and media have swarmed in and have become a new outlet for the retail industry. Although there are many losers in the unmanned retail market, the enthusiasm for companies to compete for the unmanned economy remains undiminished. Behind the competition among enterprises is the huge market temptation of unmanned retail. According to a report released by Ai Media Consulting, it is estimated that by 2022, the transaction volume of unmanned retail stores will exceed 1.8 trillion yuan.
In the new retail era, online and offline integration, closed-loop consumption and data collection and analysis are the development directions. Electronic shelf labels that can be accessed online and offline have become one of the standard features of unmanned retail. In unmanned retail stores such as Binguo Box and Orang Convenience, we can all see electronic price tags.
The electronic price tag successfully incorporated the shelf into a computer program, eliminating the need to manually change the price tag. The reasons for its popularity in unmanned retail stores are as follows:
1. Guarantee the accuracy of the price. Any type of retail business must ensure the accuracy of price information, which is one of the basic elements of retail services. Especially in the unmanned retail format, in addition to closed vending containers, in this open-sell and unattended environment, traditional paper price tags may be dropped, consumers may inadvertently swap, and management staff may make mistakes. , Resulting in incorrect price information, which will adversely affect the shopping experience of consumers. Using a fixed-mounted MTag electronic price tag can avoid such problems and ensure the accuracy of the price.
Second, electronic ledger to improve replenishment efficiency. In unmanned retail competition, timely replenishment is a very important part. Using ESL electronic price tags, you can visualize the shelf layout, you can clearly understand the sales and inventory of each shelf, so that you can know the specific demand data for shelf replenishment, which shelves, what products, and when to replenish These data have a qualitative change in improving the efficiency of replenishment, helping operators to gain a foothold in the tide of retail competition.
Third, to ensure the standardization of unmanned retail. In the unmanned retail format, any operator is engaged in this blue ocean market with a large-scale replication attitude. In this way, the implementation of standardization is a very important link. The electronic price tag is a very important medium for information transmission. It manages information through a unified background. Price information, QR codes, promotional information, etc. are all transmitted by the headquarters, which greatly strengthens the implementation of unmanned retail standardization and guarantees This gives operators control over each outlet.
Fourth, improve the aesthetics of the scene. Unmanned retail is a supplement to the retail scene, and its customer base is mainly concentrated on young fashion people. It has requirements for the atmosphere of the retail scene. It uses electronic price tags, neatly arranged, and simple style design to enhance the store's beauty....