Demystifying why supermarkets use electronic shelf labels

Time:2020.02.11     Author:sertag

China Electronic Shelf Labels are the most direct way for supermarkets to display information such as product prices to customers. When people buy a product, in addition to the product itself, the price is a major reference factor. If a product does not have a clear price mark, it is likely to lose some random trading opportunities. This shows that the price tag plays a role in the sale of the product. Important role.
Compared with the traditional disadvantages of frequent replacement of traditional paper price tags, labor consumption, large error rate, high loss rate, low efficiency, and increased operating costs, electronic price tags have obvious advantages. It is simple and fast to change prices and has an error rate. The outstanding features such as low efficiency, high efficiency and long service life are favored by supermarkets such as Yonghui and Wumart.
Under the influence of "new retail", the digitalization of stores has begun to rise. Paper price tags have been unable to meet the needs of offline retail, and more and more supermarkets have begun to use electronic price tags. Today in the cloud, you will find out why supermarkets use electronic price tags.
1.Quickly change the price
When the supermarket wants to conduct a large-scale promotion, if a paper price tag is used, it will take a lot of labor and time to complete the replacement of the price tag. The Sertag electronic shelf labels can realize remote one-click price change in the management background. Before the discount promotion, supermarket employees only need to change the price of the product on the management platform, and the electronic price tag on the shelf will automatically refresh, displaying the latest price quickly, without manual labor When the price is changed one by one on the shelves, the efficiency of product price changes is greatly improved.

2.Liberate employees' hands
As a service industry in the supermarket, quality service is a very important thing. Providing good service to customers can facilitate a transaction. The price change of the electronic price tag can be easily completed by only one supermarket employee. This way of price change frees other employees' hands and allows other employees to better serve consumers and improve customer satisfaction.
3. Dynamic pricing and real-time promotions
Promotions can attract more customers to shop, using paper price tags is labor- and time-consuming, limiting the frequency of supermarket promotions, and the rapid price change of electronic price tags can help supermarkets achieve dynamic pricing, real-time promotions, and strengthening Store suction capacity.
4. Enhance the store image
The electronic price tags with uniform specifications and orderly arrangement are visually more neat and beautiful, and the fixed-mounted electronic price tags are not easy to fall off. The built-in data verification function can prevent price errors or omissions. Image.
5. Get online and offline
Supermarkets can use electronic price tags to open online malls, forming a closed marketing loop. The electronic price tag displays the online two-dimensional code through the electronic screen, and becomes a port for online and offline product information data. Consumers can scan the code to access the online mall.