What kind of electronic shelf labels are suitable for different stores in the supermarket?

Time:2020.01.03     Author:sertag

With the rapid development of new retail, the value of electronic price tags has gradually been discovered. China Electronic shelf labels have undoubtedly become the new favorite configuration of the retail industry, especially the supermarkets and unmanned supermarkets.
At present, the more common electronic price tags in the market are 2.1-inch, 2.9-inch, and 4.2-inch. Different electronic price tags have different additional functions. Some have LED warning lights, some have temperature and humidity sensing functions, and some have Can work in low temperature environment. Sertag electronic price tags have various specifications such as 1.54 inch, 2.13 inch, 2.9 inch, 4.2 inch, etc., all support NFC and LED light function. Among them, the 2.13 inch electronic price tag can work in low temperature environment and the working temperature range is -20 ℃ ~ + 50 ° C, 4.2-inch electronic price tag has a waterproof rating of IP67 and comes with a temperature and humidity sensing function.
Supermarkets are divided into different store areas according to the type of goods, and different store areas are adapted to electronic tags of different sizes and functions. Today, Yunliwuli will discuss with you what kind of electronic price tags are suitable for different sections of the supermarket.
1.Puffed food area, beverage area, daily necessities area
The products in the puffed food area, the beverage area, and the daily necessities area are generally neatly placed on the shelves, occupying a small area, and the space between the products is not large. It is suitable for the 2.9-inch electronic price tag installed by rail. Rail-mounted electronic price tags are neatly arranged, visually elegant, and easy to disassemble.
2. Fruit and vegetable area
The people take food as the sky. The fruit and vegetable area is a place where people often visit. Customers pay more attention to the cost-effectiveness of fruits and vegetables. For general vegetables and fruits, a 2.9-inch electronic price tag that clearly displays the price of the product can be used. Or a 7.5-inch large-screen electronic price tag to attract customers at a low price.
3.Seafood area
The seafood area mainly sells crabs, lobsters, fish and other products that need to be fed with water or kept fresh with ice. The waterproof level of electronic price tags is relatively high. Electronic price tags with waterproof levels up to IP67 should be used.
Seafood is sensitive to changes in temperature. If an electronic price tag with built-in temperature and humidity sensing is used, supermarket employees can remotely monitor the real-time temperature and humidity of the area where the seafood is located. When the temperature is abnormal, the mobile terminal issues an alarm to remind the supermarket employee of the temperature. Anomalies, so that problems can be identified and dealt with in time to avoid financial losses caused by abnormal temperature.
Therefore, the seafood area is suitable to use the electronic price tag that reaches the IP67 waterproof level and has its own temperature and humidity sensing function.
4. Frozen food area
Foods such as ice cream, dumplings, dumplings, frozen seafood, etc. need to be placed in a freezer to freeze. The temperature in the freezer is generally below zero, and the electronic price tag has special requirements for the working temperature. An electronic price tag that can work in a low temperature environment is required.
5, 3C electronic area
People are more concerned about the parameters of electronic products. An electronic price tag with a larger screen can display more product parameter information, so the 3C electronic area is suitable for placing an electronic price tag with a 7.5-inch large screen.
6, discount promotion area
In order to attract customers, the price tags in the discount promotion area must be more prominent. Therefore, choose a 4.2-inch or 7.5-inch electronic price tag with a larger screen and its own LED light (the LED light flashes to indicate a discount promotion).
Other supermarket areas such as meat area, delicatessen area, bread area, etc. generally use a 2.9-inch electronic price tag that can clearly display commodity prices and date information.