What are the characteristics of the Bluetooth electronic price tag?

Time:2019.12.30     Author:sertag

The electronic price tag is an electronic display device that can replace the paper price tag. The electronic price tag has been in existence for more than 20 years since its inception in 1993. It mainly uses countries in Europe, America, Turkey, Asia, Japan And South Korea, the application of electronic price tags in the domestic retail industry is still in its infancy. With the rapid development of new retail, the market value of electronic price tags is gradually being tapped, and the domestic electronic price tag market will usher in a period of rapid growth.
At present, we can see electronic price tags with 2.4G technology, 433MHz technology and Bluetooth low energy technology in the market. Today we will first look at the Bluetooth electronic price tag.

As we all know, Bluetooth is a wireless technology standard that enables short-range data exchange between fixed devices, mobile devices and building personal area networks. Bluetooth has the characteristics of low power consumption, cheap, low latency, wireless transmission, and strong anti-interference ability to ensure the reliability of transmission. The electronic price tag using Bluetooth technology has the following characteristics:
1.Low power consumption
The electronic price tag using Bluetooth technology transmits data with ultra-low power consumption. If the CR2450 battery is used to power the battery, the picture is refreshed 5 times a day, and the battery life can reach more than 5 years.
2. Strong anti-interference ability and stable transmission
Bluetooth technology uses frequency hopping technology, anti-signal fading, fast frequency hopping and short packet technology can reduce co-channel interference and ensure the reliability of transmission. Therefore, the Bluetooth electronic price tag with strong anti-interference ability can stably transmit data and ensure the price of goods. Real-time changes to reduce error rates.
3.Fast refresh speed and high efficiency
Compared with other electronic price tags that use 2.4G, infrared, and 433MHz, MTag electronic price tags using Bluetooth low energy technology refresh faster, less than 1 second per unit, and the fastest electronic shelf tags within 20,000 pieces refresh, the fastest Up to 30 minutes / time. The Bluetooth electronic price tag is a faster and more convenient way to change the price, which enables fast, accurate, flexible and efficient changes in the price of goods, which helps retailers to optimize and improve the promotion plan of retail stores and strengthen the ability to attract customers.
4.Data security
Each Bluetooth electronic price tag has a unique ID number, a unique data security encryption system, and connection and transmission encryption processing to ensure data security, prevent the display price of the product from being maliciously tampered with, and guarantee the autonomy of product price changes. The application of the electronic price tag successfully incorporated the shelf into the computer program, eliminating the situation of manual price tag replacement, reducing the production and maintenance costs of paper tags, and fast and accurate price display to improve customer satisfaction. The rapid price refresh of the Bluetooth electronic price tag is to eliminate technical obstacles for retailers to actively implement price strategies.