Application of electronic price tag system to strengthen store attracting capacity

Time:2019.12.23     Author:sertag

Promotion is an important method for retail stores to strengthen their ability to attract customers. Generally, the supermarkets have discounts on products every day, and some products even have different prices at different times of the day. If you use a paper price tag, it will not only consume a lot of time and labor, but also the problem of price confusion. Apply digital Electronic price tag can save a lot of trouble.
An China electronic shelf label is an electronic display device with a message sending and receiving function that can replace traditional paper price tags. It is mainly used in supermarkets, convenience stores, and pharmacies to display price information of goods. The electronic price tag's breakthrough electronic paper screen application has superior display effects, eliminating the need for paper, and is more environmentally friendly. Moreover, the electronic price tag is not only a price display, but also can place a two-dimensional code to enhance interaction with customers. The electronic price tag system built on the basis of the electronic price tag can easily change the price on the PC or mobile terminal with one click.
The bluetooth electronic shelf label system is a system that can intelligently manage the displayed price of goods. The electronic price tag system consists of ESL, dedicated AP and application software. Each electronic price tag is connected to the computer database of the mall through a wired or wireless network, and the latest product price is displayed on the electronic price tag screen. For example, the sertag electronic price tag system is composed of sertag electronic price tag + intelligent gateway + cloud platform. The administrator performs the price change operation on the cloud platform, and then sends the price change instruction to the electronic price tag through the smart gateway. The electronic price tag automatically refreshes after receiving the instruction to complete the intelligent price change. The supermarket that uses the electronic price tag system can realize a one-click price change in the background, saving a lot of manpower.
The application of the electronic price tag system can realize the intelligent management of product price information, and the convenient price change function is conducive to retailers' optimization and improvement of promotional programs and strengthens the store's ability to attract customers. With the rise of labor costs, the application of electronic price tag systems will become a major trend in the future.