Answers to Electronic Shelf Label FAQs

Time:2019.12.18     Author:sertag

China Electronic shelf label is an electronic display device that can be placed on the shelf and can replace the traditional paper price tag. It is suitable for large-scale high-end department stores, supermarkets, 3C stores, convenience stores and other commercial retail users. At present, electronic shelf label screens on the market display a variety of specifications such as 1.5 inches, 2.1 inches, 2.9 inches, 4.2 inches, 7.5 inches.
In order for retailers to better understand and use electronic shelf labels, Sertag specifically summarized and answered some questions about electronic shelf labels.
1. How is the binding relationship established between electronic shelf labels and products?
Download the dedicated APP, then scan the bar code of the product with your mobile phone and fill in the MAC address of the electronic shelf label to bind the product to the label.
2. How is the binding relationship established between the electronic shelf label and the AP?
Install the smart gateway in the store first, and then enable the label binding in the electronic shelf label management background. After binding is enabled, the label will be bound to the gateway closest to it in the store.
3. How many electronic shelf labels can an AP base station usually manage?
The AP has virtually no limit on the number of management price tags, but considering that too many AP management price tags will affect the update speed, if you want to complete the refresh of 20,000 electronic shelf labels in 30 minutes, it is recommended to use a G1 -D Bluetooth Smart Gateway binds and controls 200 electronic shelf labels to achieve the purpose of fast refresh.
4. Can the price of electronic shelf labels be the same as the price at the cash register?
In fact, the electronic shelf label successfully incorporated the shelf into the computer program, and got rid of the situation of manually changing the price tag. An interface can be opened in the electronic shelf label management background, Unicom cashier, so as to achieve the price consistency between the cashier and the shelf .
5. Can electronic shelf labels be used online and offline?
Compared with traditional paper price tags, electronic shelf labels have added a lot of functions, not only can display information such as product prices, but also can place QR codes, barcodes, NFC, and online and offline, giving customers a better shopping experience.
6. Can a button battery make the electronic shelf label work for more than 5 years?
Take the MTag electronic price tag as an example. It uses an ultra-low-power electronic paper screen. It has almost zero power consumption during static operation. It is powered by a CR2450 button battery. The voltage is stable and the power is durable. The current during standby is only 5uA and the peak current during refresh is 8.39. mA, the average current is 0.05mA, the refresh rate is / 5 times a day, the battery can be used for more than 5 years, and the battery can be replaced.
7. How to install electronic shelf labels?
There are multiple installation methods for electronic shelf labels, which can be installed using guide rails, clips, ice plugs, T-hooks, table pendulums, etc. according to the use scenario, which is very convenient to disassemble.
8. What is the use of electronic shelf labels with temperature and humidity sensors?
Using electronic shelf labels with built-in temperature and humidity sensors, retailers can remotely monitor the temperature and humidity in fresh areas in real time, detect problems in time, and avoid financial losses caused by abnormal temperature changes. The MTag4201 electronic price tag in Yunliwu comes with NFC, magnetron, LED light and temperature and humidity sensor, IP67 waterproof, suitable for fresh area.
9. How long does it take to refresh an electronic shelf label?
Compared with other ESLs using 2.4G, infrared, and 433MHz, the MTag electronic price tag with the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology has a faster refresh rate, less than 1 second per unit, which can quickly complete the change of product prices, realize real-time dynamic pricing, and help retail. The company improved the promotion plan and strengthened its ability to attract customers.
After reading the answers to the above questions, do you have a better understanding of electronic shelf labels? If you want to know more about electronic shelf labels, please contact customer service.