How powerful is the multi-functional bluetooth electronic shelf label management platform made by sertag?

Time:2019.12.16     Author:sertag

In recent years, as labor costs continue to rise, the maintenance of paper price tags has gradually become a burden on retail stores. In order to reduce labor costs and realize intelligent price changes in store prices, some large retailers have begun to use electronic price tag systems, such as Hema Xiansheng, Yonghui Super Species, Binguo Box, and Rainbow Cross-Border Purchase.
The wireless electronic shelf label system consists of a management platform, a base station, and a price tag. The electronic price tag needs to form a complete electronic price tag system with the base station and the management platform to realize intelligent price change. The administrator performs the price change operation on the management platform, and then sends the price change instruction to the electronic price tag through the base station. The electronic price tag automatically refreshes after receiving the instruction, and completes the intelligent price change.
The electronic price tag is only a display device for commodity price information. The actual price change operation needs to be completed on the management platform. A multifunctional electronic price tag management platform can realize the unified management and hierarchical management of electronic price tags of large supermarket chains and convenience stores. To this end, Yunli Wuli has independently developed a smart retail cloud platform that manages electronic price tags. This platform can not only realize the intelligent price change of store products, but also the online management and operation of chain stores, including product information management, design of electronic shelf label screen display interface, product information update, online quantity management of electronic shelf labels and gateways Monitoring, etc. The main functions of the platform include:
Store management: You can add, modify, and close stores.
Commodity management: You can import products in bulk through spreadsheets, you can also add individual products, modify and delete products.
Tag management: You can import tags in batches through spreadsheets, wake up tags, bind tags to gateways, update tag display content, and delete tags.
Gateway management: You can add, modify, delete, and restart the ESL gateway.
Template management: You can add / remove the electronic shelf label display template, edit the template, and bind the template to the specified product.
User management: You can add, modify, and delete users and user groups, and perform permission management on user groups.