What is the value of the electronic shelf label?

Time:2019.11.21     Author:sertag

The biggest feature of the new retail is the combination of online and offline, the essence of which is digital retailing. One of the new technologies led by the new retail trend will follow the trend of the offline market and rebuild the “people-goods-field” pattern. . The new model of the electronic label system + online shopping platform can quickly move the existing offline supermarket resources to the Internet, forming a situation in which ESL operators, supermarkets and consumers win together.
For consumers:
1. Solved the two rigid demands of online shopping timeliness and fresh product distribution;
2. The types of goods in large supermarkets are more abundant than the types of online shopping products;
3. When shopping in a supermarket store, you can enjoy shopping navigation (electronic tag product positioning) and convenient payment (online payment) services;
For Shangchao convenience store:
1. Two key issues of fast-moving online shopping: First, the price information is updated in real time and online. Second, there is a certain customer group with certain viscosity. The former is solved by the China electronic shelf label system, and the latter is solved by the ESL operator.
2. Small supermarkets do not have the ability to build online shopping platforms. It is more and more difficult to tighten the e-commerce business. In 2014, 201 physical retail stores were closed nationwide, the highest in history. Join the online shopping platform created by ESL operators to directly transform into e-commerce;
3. There is no direct conflict of interest in large supermarkets that already have online shopping platforms. Maintaining the original platform and joining new platforms can broaden customer channels;
For ESL operators:
1. Light assets operation, no need to build warehouses and channels, all supermarkets joining the platform are warehouses and channels;
2. The variety is extremely rich and the service scope is wide;
3. Solved the two key issues of timeliness and fresh delivery;
4, in the early stage can take the form of hardware for cooperation, that is, to help the supermarket to carry out the free electronic label system transformation, in exchange for subsequent deep cooperation; there are many profit models, such as distribution fee sharing and online shopping profit sharing are worth exploring.
With the intensification of market competition and the increasing impact of e-commerce and labor costs, retailers need to continuously improve the software and hardware equipment of the store, conduct big data analysis, and achieve multi-channel operation online and offline to enhance competitiveness.
Foreign stores have already realized the popularity of electronic price tag application, and this domestic market has experienced explosive growth with the introduction of new retail. From the analysis of demand, the application of electronic price tags in overseas markets mainly solves the problem of frequent price changes and saves high amounts. Labor costs; while in China, everyone is paying more attention to the important value of electronic price tag in the process of realizing the omnichannel. In the future, it is more likely that the electronic price tag system will be connected to the inventory management and logistics business, and even for different scenarios of online and offline, combined with big data to collect customer information, to provide a data foundation for future member precision marketing.