What are the advantages of electronic shelf labels?

Time:2019.11.12     Author:sertag

Although the application of China electronic shelf labels in the domestic retail industry is in its infancy, with the emergence of new retail formats in the past two years, electronic shelf labels, which are the key drivers of new retail development and standard products, are also widely used.
So why use electronic shelf labels? Let's take a look at the advantages of using electronic shelf labels.
1. The price adjustment is fast, accurate, flexible and efficient;
2. Data verification can be performed to prevent price errors or omissions;
3. Synchronize with the background database and keep it consistent with the cash register and price inquiry terminal;
4. Facilitate unified management of headquarters, effective monitoring, and reduce management loopholes;
5. Effectively reduce manpower, material resources, management costs and other variable costs;
6. Enhance store image, customer satisfaction, and social credibility;
7. Lower cost: In the long run, the cost of using electronic shelf labels is lower.

Most ESL electronic shelf labels on the market today use 2.4G, 433MHz technology and low-power Bluetooth technology. Using the electronic shelf label of 2.4G technology, it takes 8-10 seconds to modify and update the price of a price tag; using the electronic shelf label of 433MHz technology, it takes 3-5 seconds to modify and update the price of a price tag; The electronic shelf label is relatively faster to refresh, such as the MTag electronic price tag developed by Bluetooth 5.0 technology in the cloud, and the modification and update of a price tag content takes less than 1 second, and the electronic price tag is refreshed within 20,000 pieces. Up to 30 minutes/time.