Electronic Shelf Labels Shines in The New Retail Wave

Time:2019.10.23     Author:sertag

China has the largest and most mature online retail market in the world. With the saying that "online replaces the line" is replaced by "online and offline", smart labels are widely used in shopping malls and supermarkets that are closely integrated online and offline. Compared with the traditional paper price tag, the electronic price tag not only saves manpower, but also improves work efficiency, and is favored by offline stores. Each electronic price tag can dynamically display the price of the product, the name of the goods, the promotional information.
As an important data interaction port for new retail, China electronic shelf label records the development of the new retail industry. In the past, physical stores and supermarkets required staff to manually adjust the price on the price tag when conducting promotions. Now, with an inconspicuous electronic price tag, the price tag of hundreds of stores nationwide can be updated within ten minutes. During the double 12 period this year, the electronic price tag provided millions of real-time price changes for Box Ma's promotion and membership rights activities. Not only does the store save a lot of time and labor costs, but it also increases the efficiency of the operators by more than 90%.
Behind the fast and accurate price changes, thanks to the "cloud" ability of electronic price tags. Electronic shelf labels can also reduce operating costs, improve management efficiency, enhance store image, and enhance user experience and interactivity. Ali electronic price tag can quickly complete the cloud sales information (price, promotion, advertising, etc.) to the offline shelf, the counter is quickly synchronized, the store salesperson does not need to take time and effort to replace the price tag. Its application can help the store to achieve unified standardization and price changes, so that the product information is displayed in the front end of the store more timely. It avoids the consumer complaints caused by the incomplete information such as the withdrawal, loss, smearing, and damage of the commodity price tag. More importantly, the price change can be carried out at any time, which greatly saves the operating costs of the store.
Not only the management of price-changing costs, electronic price tag also carries the important role of goods management, offline drainage, and user experience and interaction. Ali electronic price tag has become an important entry point for O2O. On the day of the 12th, in addition to the latest promotional information of the products through the electronic price tag, the customer can also view the product details to make the purchase more assured. With the increasing labor costs in the country and the high standards for online and offline integration, electronic price tags have become a standard in the new retail sector. As long as the enterprise is omnichannel, online and offline, the electronic price tag must be a standard intelligent hardware device.
The electronic price tag is also a data collection portal, collecting multi-party interaction data, submitting background analysis and outputting reports to improve operations. It can be associated with the shelf location space information to form the automatic generation and update of the grid map, and realize the intelligent management of online and offline inventory synchronization, offline display management, and picking positioning. In addition to the box Mamen shop, Ali electronic price tag is also used in Tmall campus stores, village Amoy and other national stores. It has effectively cooperated with the new retail and new manufacturing businesses of Alibaba Group, such as Box Horse and Village Amoy.
Sertag as electronic shelf label manufacturer will further explore the near-field interaction ability of clerk and goods, customers and goods, sensor shelf and space sensing ability, high-precision indoor positioning ability, enhance product added value, serve new retail, and let online information reach consumers quickly. . With the increasing use of new retail artificial intelligence, the digitalization of stores is becoming more and more common. Electronic shelf labels will become the best carrier for digitalization of stores, and collect digital information such as product information, inventory, customer preferences and marketing channels. One. The market just needs and the broad market prospects have created the potential of the electronic shelf to sign "net red". It raises the standard for new retail customers for category and store standardization management, which is something different for new retail players.