What are the advantages of the electronic price tag and what changes will it bring to the new retail?

Time:2019.10.10     Author:sertag

In recent years, with the continuous development of the domestic retail industry and the intensified competition environment, online and offline integration has become the consensus of the development of the whole industry. The offline commercial transformation and upgrading is at the right time. More and more retail giants are paying attention to and using it. Electronic price tags change our lives and the business environment in which we operate.
So what role does China electronic shelf labels play in the retail format? Why do new retail players adopt the Sertag electronic price tag?
1. Display the price in real time and quickly.
In physical stores, the online and offline unification of real-time maintenance prices, relying on traditional manual replacement, obviously has many uncertainties in efficiency and accuracy. Xiaomeng electronic price tag relies on the background and front-end electronic price tag information networking, which can achieve real-time information replacement, fast time and high accuracy.
2. Unified management of remote chain stores
There are a large number of chain stores and a wide distribution. It is difficult to achieve real-time consistency of online and offline commodity information prices, and online and offline inventory management, display management is even more difficult to talk about. The intelligent electronic price tag is connected to thousands of electronic price tags through the network, and the headquarters staff can manage the national stores without leaving the house.
3, precision marketing to promote user experience
The electronic price tag can be used as an offline import portal. The customer scans the electronic price tag to directly jump to the online shopping mall, optimizes the store scan code purchase process, and improves the consumer-to-store shopping experience. In addition, the user can also collect multi-dimensional behavior data for the user, analyze the data to label the user, and improve the user portrait model, so as to facilitate the later preference for the consumer, and accurately push the corresponding marketing advertisement or service information through multiple channels.
4. Reduce costs and maintenance costs.
From the cost structure, the paper price tag involves labor, paper, ink and other printing consumables. The main cost lies in the labor cost, and the labor cost is rising year by year, and the consumption is not small. However, if the electronic price tag is used instead of the paper price tag, in the medium and long term, the cost savings of the one-time investment in the electronic price tag is more obvious. When the labor cost is reduced, the paper waste is also reduced, and the environmental protection economic concept is improved. shopping experience.
5. The electronic price tag enhances the image of the store.
Because of its overall unification, the electronic price tag has obvious effects on electronic senses. It has an overall visual impact on scenes such as supermarkets, boutiques, and unmanned stores, which helps to enhance the strength of the company and increase the brand's gold content.
Although the electronic price tag has a short development time in the domestic market, the momentum is strong. As a tool for upgrading technology and improving work efficiency, the popularity of electronic price tags can be seen as a trend for future store upgrades.
The derivative value of Huaxian electronic price tag is more meaningful, in line with the genes of today's new retail development. For different business scenarios, Huaxian electronic price tag also has different system solutions. Through the combination of Huaxian electronic price tag and Huaxian cloud platform, the retail industry will open the whole link of entering the store, shopping, re-purchasing and data management to promote the all-round smart upgrade of the store.