What is the difference between smart retail and new retail?

Time:2019.09.26     Author:sertag

As the leader of China's smart electronic price tag labels, Sertag is here to discuss the difference between smart retail and new retail.

After the concept of new retail was withdrawn, the new sales model and concept of smart retail have also been introduced. Although there are certain similarities between the new modes of new retail and smart retail, there are some obvious The difference. In order to let everyone know more about it, Xiaobian will introduce the differences between professional smart retail and new retail in the following.
What is the difference between smart retail and new retail?
1. Different purpose
The new model of new retail refers to the transformation and upgrading of products and services in the traditional retail industry through Internet technology, while smart retailing enables digital stores engaged in offline retailing to be effectively digitally managed, so it can be greatly optimized. The customer's experience in purchasing enhances the consumer's adhesiveness to the retail store.
2, the fusion is different
The new retail has adopted a very open attitude in channel integration, which will not only promote the integration of functions, but also promote the integration of forms. However, the focus of smart retailing is mainly on the integration of functions, but there is still a very clear distinction between channel forms. Therefore, after smart retail use, consumers can be guided to offline stores through online services. Customers who are online or offline can deposit them online.
3, pay attention to different points
Although they are all new retail models, the new retail focuses on the drainage of the scene and the convenience of consumption. Smart Retail is more focused on helping people build a good experience scenario. Therefore, its focus is mainly on the consumer psychology of the customer, and can exert the experience and advantages of the physical channel when constructing the scene.
These points are the differences between the new retail and smart retail models. Through these different introductions, you can understand that professional smart retailing pays more attention to retail itself, so by helping retail companies build an effective The scene to achieve better sales, while promoting the consumer's shopping experience.