What is the charm of electronic shelf labels

Time:2019.07.27     Author:sertag

      Nowadays, many supermarkets begin to use electronic shelf labels.Compared with traditional paper labels, what charm does electronic shelf labelshave?         
      Electronic shelf labels areexquisite and high-end in appearance, rich in scientific and technologicalaesthetic feeling, and are very suitable for supermarket to use. They canimprove the overall image of supermarket and increase people's preference for supermarket. 
      Electronic shelf labels show clear informationabout commodity prices. People can further understand commodity information. byscanning two-dimensional codes, thus promoting the interaction between peopleand commodities.         
      Smart retail labels canflexibly change the price information of goods, which is convenient and fast,and reduces the input of manpower to change the price label. Especially in thesales promotion activities of supermarket , the electronic shelf label changeinformation is very timely.
      Low-power design of electronic shelf label, using electronic ink screen,not turning pages, not refreshing the content is not very power-consuming,saving electricity.          
      Electronic price labelsconnect online and offline, realize online and offline marketing strategy withthe same price, and provide customers with intelligent shopping experience.           
      The digital price tag has entered many supermarkets by virtue of theabove charm, and has played a lot of roles in the supermarkets.