Application of Decrypted Sertag Electronic Shelf Label in Intelligent Manufacturing Industry

Time:2019.07.27     Author:sertag

      In manufacturing enterprises, the key point of manufacturing transformation and upgrading is to achieve internal collaboration. In this urgent need, intelligent electronic shelf labels system emerges as the times require. Reasonable use of shelves can accurately realize the first-in-first-out of materials, reduce the work intensity of warehouse managers, improve the utilization rate of enterprise inventory resources, and make material management more intelligent, more automatic and more scientific. At present, Sertag Intelligent Electronic Shelf Labels System has been widely used in manufacturing industry, helping enterprises to improve the level of information management. 
      Application of Sertag Intelligent Electronic Shelf Label in Intelligent Manufacturing Industry  Intelligent electronic shelf labels system is composed of electronic shelf labels and electronic shelf labels management software. The warehouse managers use mobile hand-held acquisition terminal to dock WMS/MES system to realize the operation of sending and receiving materials quickly according to light instructions. Installation of LED lights in each warehouse can improve the efficiency of warehouse managers and reduce the manufacturing cost of enterprises by lighting and flashing materials on the shelf, receiving and receiving materials, preparing materials, returning materials, low-level early warning and other operations.                        
      Flow chart of electronic shelf usage                       
Application Characteristics of Intelligent Electronic Shelf labels          
I. Intelligent Management 1. Reduce manpower and improve efficiency;
2. According to FIFO principle, the system executes the single feeding and eliminates the human interference.   
3. Visual management, lighting prompt ingredients, reduce staff operating requirements. 

II. Improvement of efficiency
1. Increase the utilization rate of space by 300%.
2. Increase the storage speed by 50% and the reclaiming speed by 80%.
3. Flow storage space should be stored near to improve the utilization ratio of storage. 

III. Saving Manpower Cost 
1. Requirements for personnel skills are from high to none, and new people can start quickly.
2. Personnel mobility has no effect on warehouse work.
3. Reducing personnel by 63% and increasing efficiency by 300%.   

IV. Instant prompt and early warning The alarm lamp reminds the shelf location, the LED lamp reminds the storage location, and the employees operate according to the light indication, which greatly improves the work efficiency.  Sertag electronic shelf label has been widely used in manufacturing industry because of its high efficiency, accurate data and simple operation, which makes the traditional warehousing deployment gradually develop to a more lean and intelligent direction.