Sertag Electronic Shelf Label Creates Intelligent Retail Shopping Experience

Time:2019.07.27     Author:sertag

      Sertag's electronic shelf label is introduced into small and medium-sized supermarkets, which is undoubtedly good for store employees engaged in heavy price tag replacement work. They will free themselves from trivial and boring work, spend more time and energy on the sale of goods, and provide consumers with better service.                        
      Use digital price tags to Update Commodity Prices and Improve Shopping Experience.                             
      When the actual price is inconsistent with the price information on the shelf, it will not only bring negative emotions to consumers, but also affect consumers'purchase behavior and shopping orientation. Due to the untimely updating of price information and the discrepancy between the price of goods and the price information, the phenomenon of "price fraud" is common, which seriously affects the shopping enthusiasm of consumers and damages the reputation and image of enterprises. It is understood that such incidents are not intentional, most of them are due to the variety of goods, high frequency of promotional activities, limited manpower and other reasons, resulting in the timely updating of commodity price signature information.          
      However, Sertag's smart retail labels system, whose principle is connected with the inventory system, will automatically and timely send the changed price to the corresponding electronic price tag through wireless transmission. It has the characteristics of real-time updating of price, low error probability and low loss rate. For store staff, the operation is also very convenient. The association between goods and labels can be completed in only two steps. The barcode of goods can be scanned with a one-button scanner. Then the scanner approaches the label and waits for a few seconds. On the screen, the price of goods and other information will be displayed to complete the association between goods and labels.        
      Intelligent Service of Electronic Shelf Label Provides Convenience for Consumers          
      When consumers shop in physical stores, scanning the two-dimensional code on the electronic label can query the relevant information of the product, such as food traceability, source information, brand stories and so on. Shopping can not only enhance consumers'confidence in food safety, but also learn new knowledge in the process of shopping.           
      Sertag digital pirce label can establish contact with consumers, generate more interaction, provide greater convenience, I believe that in the near future, every store will become the most popular consumer entrance.