Sertag Techonogly launched the electronic shelf lables picking system

Time:2019.07.27     Author:sertag

      Dalian Sertag Technology Co.,Ltd  has been committed to the application of visual price tags. After introducing retail electronic shelf labeling system, the electronic shelf labels picking system has been launched solemnly.                    
      Its working principle: The electronic shelf labels  picking system sends instructions through PC and forwards them through router to control the LED lights or screens on the electronic shelf labels to guide the pickers to pick up the specified quantity of goods accurately and quickly at the designated location. Electronic shelf label picking system is applied in warehouses with many kinds of goods. It can greatly improve the efficiency of warehousing, warehousing, inventory and warehousing.
      When the warehousing, warehousing, inventory and warehousing are completed, reports can be generated and real-time data can be provided for decision makers. 
The electronic shelf labels picking system has the following advantages:
1. Implementing paperless operation, greatly improving picking speed
2. Improving the accuracy of picking, improving the efficiency of picking and reducing the cost of picking.
3. Make use of the high efficiency of electronic shelf labels to enhance the competitive advantage of enterprises
4. Inventory, Output, Inventory, Generate Report, Provide Real-time Data for Policymakers
The sorting operation itself does not require the use of personnel. The use of personnel is limited to the following tasks:
Handling between the storage point of the material to be sorted and the sorting system;
Manual control of the operation of the picking system;
At the end of the picking line, the selected materials are distributed manually.
Management and maintenance of the operation of the sorting system.
      In all warehousing operations of modern logistics distribution centers, picking is an important and tedious task. At present, most of the distribution centers are still old-strength-intensive industries. The picking process of orders is laborious in all operations of distribution centers, and its labor volume accounts for 60% of all operations of distribution picking. The warehouse picking system developed by Dalian Steiger Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. applies mature warehouse management to warehouse management. By improving the picking efficiency, it creates more profit space, improves the efficiency of warehouse operation scheduling, guidance and operation, and improves the overall development of logistics chain.