RFID Technology's Electronic Shelf Labels will have a Huge Impact on New Retail

Time:2019.07.27     Author:sertag

      Since Mr Ma  put forward the concept of new retail, new retail began to be popular. The so-called new retail is the retail development direction of Omni-channel + logistics + new technology + financial services + big data. Shelf electronic label is the embodiment of the new retail technology, but also will be the new retail big data management entrance.

      The future technology trends of new retail are as follows: online and offline deep integration: offline stores can be visited and experienced, online micro-mall sales, distribution and deep integration. The rapid development of RFID technology promotes the application of smart retail scale: with the wide application of RFID technology and its characteristics of fast reading and writing speed and high accuracy, it will shine in the scanning code of goods
      Big data has become the core force to promote the development of new retail: through the data collection and analysis of goods and content, planning the overall value chain is the core force to promote new retail in the future.
      Artificial intelligence improves the overall efficiency: in the new retail aspect, artificial intelligence includes intelligent fitting mirror, automatic settlement and payment, intelligent shopping guide, etc., which improves the overall efficiency, reduces the operating cost and improves the shopping experience.
      Biometric technology enables "you are you, no proof" no proof, face swipe payment.
      VR and AR technologies enhance users' shopping experience: you can put the things you need to buy into the corresponding photos of the scene to see whether the overall coordination, reasonable layout and so on.
      Robot technology reduces the cost of supply chain: the use of robots reduces the cost of goods sorting,distribution and unmanned warehouse, improves the efficiency of supply chain and reduces the cost.
      Dynamic pricing of e-shelf labels and RFID e-label technology plays an irreplaceable role in new retail. The following is a detailed introduction of e-shelf labels.
      Through RFID tags to achieve traceability, improve information security, correctness and so on.
      In the new retail scenario, the following scenarios can be quickly realized by using the shelf electronic label: rapid synchronous change of commodity prices and information; Real-time display of inventory information; Help to analyze store customer volume; Label & goods shelf positioning function; NFC/ QR code connection line on the mall.
      Therefore, the electronic shelf label in today's new retail era will have a greater role, can be called the best match of new retail.