• Smart Retail
    Electronic shelf labels increase the efficiency of the store and reduce the labor costs associated with daily price enforcement policies. It also reduces waste by dynamically managing products with cut-off dates (inventory level alerts, shelf capacity, etc.). Our ESLs and our software solutions provide real-time pricing automation while optimizing pricing policies and maintaining profitability. Automated pricing also means that store staff have more time to advise customers and increase the integrity of their prices, thereby reducing fines and increasing customer satisfaction.
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  • Intelligent Warehousing
    Our electornic shelf labels provide warehouse efficiency and productivity. Save time, effort and money – manage your merchandise in an efficient and easy way. By using our warehouse solutions, avoid picking errors, incorrect shipping and unnecessary costs, no matter what your mission is, we will consider your needs.
    You need the right warehouse solution to automate processes and get better warehouse workflows. A smarter warehouse will make your business stronger. Whether it's shipping, receiving, shipping or inventory management, our warehouse solutions will suit your needs.
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  • Industry
    In the industrial sector, digital price tag adds value to any critical operation in the production process. This flexible system displays alerts, messages or metrics on boxes, shelves or machines while communicating directly with ordering systems or security alerts via integrated activity buttons.
    The solution improves on day-to-day processes, reducing the cost of using paper solutions and eliminating downtime.
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  • Conference System
    Our digital price tags have improved the efficiency of the meeting. Centralized management of the tablet, within a few seconds, the corresponding digital price labels  will be updated to display new information. In addition to pure conference system management, our digital price tags display images, text or logos in real time, making them an ideal enterprise solution.
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  • Digital Signage
    Sertag technology is increasingly sought after by customers seeking high quality solutions to manage booking rooms and other shared workspaces

     It can be mounted on any surface and has ultra-low consumption characteristics, Sertag's digital signage can replace paper substitutes or other more expensive wired devices.
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